Apr 19 2014

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Doug Klein

doug klein, president


Doug has been interested in audio since childhood; he began building sound systems out of old stereo equipment in junior high. During his college years, Doug ran sound for campus events and visiting artists. Doug graduated from college with an electrical engineering degree and pursued a career in IT with positions in telecom systems engineering and management, software development, and project management. For 19 years, Doug was the technical director for a 70-voice touring choir and band; he continues to lead the tech team at his church.


Doug brings his management experience and IT skills to the rapidly changing A/V Integration industry.

Josh Jagdfeld

josh jagdfeld, vice president


Josh has a degree in music production from McNally Smith College of Music, but his hobbies include music performance and everything else technological. During his younger years, Josh became a recording enthusiast while spending countless hours in studios recording local music groups. He has also spent time singing with the University of Minnesota Chamber Singers and touring with local recording artist the Jim Anthony Band. Josh has been consulting in the commercial A/V integration industry since completing his collegiate coursework.


Coming from a recording background, Josh brings Intermedia Systems Group genuine commitment to pristine quality systems and a solid knowledge of digital audio concepts.

Joel Evermann

joel evermann, systems consultant


Joel has been involved in vocal music since elementary school, working with small groups, ensembles, choirs and worship teams with his wife Mary. During college, he began mixing audio for a campus television studio. In the 1980’s he began leading the technical team at his church.


Joel began working in this industry primarily with churches and schools by developing a sound contracting division at Water Music in Stillwater, MN during the mid 1990s. He continues to apply his music background, live audio experience, and years of serving on his local church board to assist clients facing A/V systems decisions.

Marc Wilson

marc wilson, lead technician


Marc has more than five years of experience installing and servicing audio, lighting and video systems. He is a state licensed power limited technician and is rigging certifiied by Donovan rigging. During his career as a multimedia systems installer, Marc has worked on hundreds of complete installations. With a collegiate background in music, he is very particular about the quality of a system’s performance.


Marc brings meticulous workmanship to Intermedia Systems Group. He thoroughly believes in doing things right the first time.