Our Core Team

Doug Klein , President & Co-Founder

Doug Klein, President & Co-Founder

Joel Evermann , Systems Consultant

Joel Evermann, Systems Consultant

Josh Jagdfeld , Co-Founder

Josh Jagdfeld, Co-Founder


What We Do

We help you design and build from the ground up, or expand an existing system to new capabilities.

Our core competencies include audio and video system integration, digital signage solutions and theatrical lighting system integration. Our group is well-accustomed to working with committees, general contractors, architects, and electricians on both new construction and expansion projects.

The consultation process and philosophy behind our designs is very unique, and is guided by these general steps:

  • Complimentary initial consultation and thorough on-site survey

  • Comprehensive system design process

  • Second meeting and proposal presentation

  • Changes, considerations, and client approvals

  • Scheduling and implementation of outlined system design

  • System commissioning and on-site training

  • On-site and remote continuing system support services